Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Blue and Pink Rooms

Should I hang brown panel curtains with a pink trim?

Alyssa was very excited about her room. She shows everyone and wants them to feel it.

We painted Ashlyn and Alyssa's rooms for their birthday. What do you think? Are they blue and pink enough?

Ashlyn didn't know if she liked her room at first, but now she tells me she likes it.

I love Spring!

My tulips and other bulbs are starting to bloom. I love when everthing starts turning green again and it's not too hot to enjoy it.

Alyssa dancing to Sleeping Beauty.

5 Months Old and I...

like watching TV upside down.

I make funny faces and started rolling over.

still have blue eyes.

had my first popsicle.

Dr. Ashlyn

Ashlyn and Alyssa got doctor (nurse) dress up clothes for their birthday from Uncle Billy. They both love them. Ashlyn wears hers all day long.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Finally It Snowed

Smashing one snowman while the other one watches. I think he was scared. By Saturday afternoon, almost all signs of snow had disappeared. This afternoon, we were at grandma's again, and the girls wondered were their crowman was. We went outside to find him, but all that was left was a handful of dirty snow and his face.
We had to build a second snowman to knock over.

First attempt at making a snow angel.

Alyssa hugging her crowman.

Friday it snowed enough to make a snowman for the first time this winter. This is Ashlyn and Alyssa's first time to build a "crowman". They can't say snow, they say it's crowing.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Turning Three

Ashlyn and Alyssa had their third birthday party on Saturday. We invited their friends from church and all our family. That meant we had to have the party somewhere besides our house. I checked the weather, 72 for the high. It looked like a perfect at the park. We choose West Hills Park because it's pretty and kind of protected from the wind. Good thing it was somewhat protected from the wind because it was one of those days that you had to be careful not to get an arm or leg amputated by your car door. The party turned out really fun. We had cupcakes and homemade ice cream served in cups. (No plates to catch the wind.) Almost everyone we invited to the party called to see if we knew how windy it was and if we were still going to have the party outside.
Ashlyn has gotten kind of shy lately so she keep asking who was coming to her "happy birthday." She told me she didn't want to go to her "happy birthday" and she didn't want people to sing her happy birthday and she was going to hide. She was a little bit of a Momma and Daddy's girl, but in general she got into the swing of things. As you can see from the pictures Alyssa loved her chocolate "pupcake" and ran and hopped the entire time. Everyone had a wonderful time.

Starting to Teeth

Ava is starting to slabber and chew on everything. She also has started grabbing and playing with her toys more. She still spends the majority of time sleeping. The last couple of nights she has slept 12 hours straight. Hopefully that will keep up when she starts cutting teeth.

Don't Be Scared

Ashlyn and Alyssa love to watch The Wizard of Oz, but Ashlyn's scared of the wicked witch. I came into the living room to find Alyssa holding Ashlyn and patting her so she wouldn't be afraid. They also kept calling the wicked witch in The Wizard of Oz and Sleeping Beauty, the naked witch. I had to keep explaining the naked meant she didn't have any clothes on and wicked meant she was bad. Now when Ashlyn sees the witch she explains to Alyssa that the witch isn't naked because that means she doesn't have clothes on.

My Girls

I took this picture on February 18th. Ava's big sisters sure do love her.