Sunday, August 22, 2010

Colton Cousins

Ashlyn and Alyssa helping build lego houses.

Ava warmed up to her cousins as the day went on. They were so good with my little girls. My girls didn't want to leave.

This is Ava returning the favor.

It looks like Zach is trying to pick Ava's nose in the picture, but it's just the weird angle.

We had lots of fun getting to play and talk with Angela and her children when they came for a visit the second week of August. We don't get the opportunity to spend much time with them, so this was wonderful. They're such fun, good people to be around. My girl's absolutely loved them playing with them. You can tell they have a niece the same age as Ava.

What Do You Do in the Summertime?

When we aren't swimming, the girls play so good together. Most of the time, Ashlyn and Alyssa are really good at including Ava when they play. Ava built this tower by herself while Ashlyn and Alyssa were also building. Then they let Ava knock down their houses after they were done.

One of our favorite book series are the "Fancy Nancy" books. This is our version of Fancy Nancy hair. Then of course we have to take pictures.

Ava colored her hands, arms, legs, and feet with dry erase marker. What was funny about it was that she thought they were "ouchies". She got all teary eyed until I started washing them off, then she laughed.

I decided to get us a membership at the Amarillo Town Club this July, so I could get some exercises and the girls could go swimming. It's been great. My neighbor and I go workout 3 or 4 times a week at 11 AM and then we take the kids swimming afterwards. We've all gotten pretty good tans, even Ava (I didn't think she would tan). This picture is Ava showing off her tan and the fact that she's at the "I like to be nude stage". She won't wear a swimming suit, so she just has a swim diaper tan line. Also, Ashlyn and Alyssa have learned how to swim under water pretty good. Then Ashlyn just yesterday started pushing off the side and floating on her back. She floated all over the pool. We couldn't believe how good she could float. She looked like she could just lay on top of the water. Alyssa and Ashlyn both went down the big water slides by themselves yesterday. They had to be able to swim by themselves to do it. We were so proud of them. Ava also likes to "swim" under the water. She goes under and floats around then stands back up and poses, hoping someone is watching her. And someone always is!

Knots and Haircuts

Ava's hair has gotten long enough that now she makes huge knots in it. She sucks on her left hand middle fingers and twisted her hair with her right hand. This is a knot she woke up with after her nap on July 19th. Yesterday, she twisted her hair into a knot and I didn't try to brush it out until after her bath this morning. My mistake, I couldn't get it out, so she got her first haircut before church this morning. I really just trimmed up her uneven lengths.

Helen and Sam's Family Baby Shower

Ava provided the entertainment.

Cute Cousins

I wonder what the weight limit is for those chairs?

Ava testing out the new swing.

Helen and Sam are expecting a baby girl anytime now. I had a family baby shower for them on July 6th (I'm just behind). All of our close family members came. We had fun looking at the baby girl clothes, eating, and watching the bigger girls play. We were just giving them a taste of what they are in for.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Our First Camping Trip

We decided at the spur of the moment to go camping at Palo Duro Canyon. We talked the Vests into going too. I knew it was going to be hot, so I didn't check the weather because I would have backed out. It was about 100 down in the canyon, but the creek was really full and we brought lots of drinks. The kids loved camping. They hiked and climbed the "mountain" behind our campsite. We all played in the water/mud. They loved making s'mores and eating marshmallows and chocolate bars. They didn't seem to notice how hot they were. Kids!! Ashlyn and Alyssa road bikes. I held a tarantula for a couple of seconds. Ava thought she could do what ever the big kids did. The girls slept really well (considering we slept 11 people in a pop up camper). We lined up the little kids like sardines after they were asleep. We all slept in the camper since it was way too hot to sleep in a tent. We had fun, but now we know we want a camper. Hopefully soon.