Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our Big Purchase

We took breaks to play in the sand. This is just one of Alyssa's monuments.

We saw hundreds(?) of turkeys roosting in the trees Friday night. The girls had fun hunting for the feathers they dropped.

This is how Ava started out the hike and Ashlyn and Alyssa were complaining, too. I didn't think we'd make it very far, but then they got warmed up. We ended up hiking for about an hour-and-a-half but a few stops to play in the sand.

Granddaddy came to visit Friday evening. Ava made his night by wanting him all evening. She kept pointing out things to him on our night hike and saying "ook" (Look).

Ashlyn and Alyssa are getting better all the time at riding their bikes. Lyssa in particular loves to ride. This was a great campsite for riding with open places for me to see them and only small hills.

I took the girls swimming suits, but I didn't really plan right because I didn't bring floaties of any kind and I didn't pack Blaine or I a swimsuit. So I'll plan better next time. Ashlyn and Alyssa pretty much just waded in the water and gathered shells. Ava on the other hand, we had to keep a tight grip on because she was willing to drink some lake water and go out into the deep.

Daddy's girl

We bought a camper two weeks ago. I didn't take any pictures our first trip out on Labor Day weekend. I was having too much fun enjoying Palo Duro Canyon. It was 80 degrees and perfect. This Friday we decided to head to Lake McClellan (about 50 miles east of Amarillo). I think I enjoyed this trip even more because we were a little more relaxed. Now all we need are some 4 wheelers to ride at the lake!!