Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Dresses A Little Early

Ava loves being outside now. I love watching her explore.

We grilled out steaks at Grandma's house after church. All three girls wanted to bring their strollers, babies, and feather boa's. I felt like we were moving, but they were so cute and busy it made up for it.

Ava running as fast as she can.

Ashlyn and Alyssa have been dieing to wear their new Easter dresses. I decided to let them a week early because it's general conference next week and we usually watch it at home. They were beautiful, happy girls today.


We all love nutella. I hear it's nutritious, but maybe that's just an excuse to eat too much of it. This is Ava getting every last bit out of the jar. Good Baby!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Princess Party

Alyssa favorite part of the ice cream was the glitter icing.

Enjoying their princess ice cream cones.

Ava swallowed a balloon.

Ashlyn and Alyssa received lots of girly presents. Their new supply of princess shoes (4 pairs a piece) was one of their favorites.

Doesn't Ashlyn look beautiful? (Ashlyn often asks me if she looks "B-U-tiful")

6 fancy little girls (1 is missing from the picture)

Ava wanted to get fancy, too.

All princesses getting ready for the treasure hunt.
Alyssa and Ava with their great uncle.

For Ashlyn and Alyssa's forth birthday party we had a princess party. We had 7 little girls decked out as princesses. They were so cute. Ashlyn and Alyssa wore dresses I made for them, and we curled their hair. At the party, they hunted for a treasure chest full of tiaras, rings, earrings, and jewels. We made bracelets out of the jewels and got everyone fancy. After opening presents, they decorated and ate their own icecream cone princess. Everyone had a wonderful time, and thank goodness for all our family's help at the party.

Monday, March 15, 2010

I Can't Believe They're Four

My not so little girls turned four. We went to the doctor for their check up the day after their birthday. I tried to prepare them all morning for the fact they were going to get shots at the doctor. I told them they could cry but they couldn't throw fits, and we would go to Target afterwards to get a small toy. They did so good. Ashlyn didn't even cry. Alyssa tried not to, but by the third one her face was bright red and the sobs escaped, but she didn't throw a fit. I was so proud of them. Ashlyn weighed 36.2 pounds (50%) and was 41 1/2 inches tall (90%). Alyssa weighed 36 pounds which surprised me because she feels a lot lighter then Ashlyn, and she was 42 1/4 inches tall (97%). Alyssa is now officially tall enough to ride the bumper cars at Wonderland Park.

"Crandpa's" Birthday

This was the point when they wanted to do it again, but it cost 8 tokens, ridiculous.
Ashlyn and Alyssa loved riding the "virtual" roller coaster. They rode the "Haunted Mine". This was one of the tense moments.

Ava taking it all in with Grandma.

Lyssa and Ava grinning ear to ear on the little train.

My Pretty Lyssa Bird riding in the rocket.
For Grandpa's birthday, we all went to Mr. Gattis and Grandma paid. We had fun eating pizza, playing games, and riding the rides but best of all no one had to cook or cleanup afterwards.