Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Big Toys

So now we're the proud owners of a four-wheeler, a Honda 400 something. We've had 3 beautiful weekends in a row, so we gotten to play with our new toy. Blaine bought it 3 weeks ago and we took it to the Canadian river on Saturday the day after we bought it. Oops! We weren't really prepared and Blaine got pulled over by the game warden for not having a off-roading sticker, riding without a helmet, and riding with a passenger on a single four wheeler. He was is luck though because he went to school with the guy and he let him leave with a warning. So we bought a helmet and a sticker and have checked out the rules and haven't had anymore run ins with the law. We had a great time down at Lake McClellan last Friday. We even saw a porcupine high up in a tree when we were leaving.

Cooped Up in the House?

Eat lots of Popsicles

wear pajamas all day

paint your fingernails

make paper dragons

suck on fingers, while watching movies, reading books, and twirling your hair
(I blame Ava for getting us sick because she sucks on her fingers. Blaine blames me for letting her suck her fingers? Or maybe she's helping us build up our immune systems and I should thank her? Whatever, I could still squeeze her to death, she's so sweet!)

"Mama, watch!" swinging a rubber mouse around by its tail

try dipping chips in hot sauce that's perched on your ladybug costume your mom put on backwards

We've spent most of this winter in the house. WHY? Because one or all of us have been sick since the week before Halloween. I think back, and I don't believe I'm lying when I say we haven't had a solid week with everyone well since the week before Halloween. Strep Throat, colds, coughs and more coughs (that's me), two different stomach viruses, fevers, and finally last week we all had influenza B. So what do you do? You watch lots of movies, play lots of dress up, and you cancel lots of plans, but most of the time we still had fun! Also, it's a great time to potty train.

Mad Scientists

We received some steaks packed in dry ice, so we experimented with it. Alyssa and Ava enjoyed pouring hot water on it and making volcanoes for a couple of hours. Ashlyn had fun too, but she didn't keep at it as long.