Sunday, February 28, 2010

Playing Doctor

Ashlyn got hurt playing the other day so we decided to doctor her. She got better real fast. Then they wanted to doctor Momma. I must say, I'm a little afraid of my doctors. Ashlyn and Alyssa worked on my arms and legs while Ava worked on my head. They are so funny because of how serious they were. I love when my children use so much imagination in their play.

Bathroom Update

You can't see the color in these pictures that well, but it's Wedgewood Grey (looks a little blue) with a brown glaze.

I haven't been happy with our master bathroom wallpaper since we bought the house (only 9 years old). So we finally took the leap and tore down the paper, textured the walls, painted and glazed. I still have a few accessories I want, but other wise we finished it over a four day weekend. I should say Blaine finished it over a four day weekend because Ava was sick and wouldn't let me put her down.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Finally, We Have a Winter!!!

February 13th, two and a half weeks after our big snow and our front yard is still covered in about 4 inches of snow. They said we broke a local record for the length of time snow stayed on the ground or something like that.
February 13th, our snow princess has lost her head. Ashlyn and I also cleared the snow off the trampoline.

February 4th: More snow, so we broke out the ski tube and tried some real sledding. Note to self: buy sleds before the chance of snow or there won't be any.

February 1st: The snow is now sticky enough to build a snowman or in our case a snow princess shoveling food in her mouth.

Ava enjoyed eating the snow, but didn't like to stay outside very long.

My snow angels.

January 28th: Blaine and the twins tried sledding down our front yard in plastic totes and laundry baskets. It was still snowing a ton. We got a total of about 12 inches at our house. We couldn't got out of our garage for 3 days. We enjoyed Blaine being off work and just staying home.