Monday, June 15, 2009

8 Months Old

Ava turned 8 months old today. She has just started eating some solid food. This is her second day to feed herself cheerios. I think she does pretty good.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bathing Beauties?

Friday was the first really warm nice day we have had since getting our pool. By late afternoon the water was nice a warm, so Ava got to swim for the first time. She liked it but was unsure about the over excited Ashlyn at the other end of the pool.

I Finally Got IT!!!!

Ava finally got to hold the TV remote. And she wasn't letting go. She dives for the remote everytime she sees it. And she knows which one really works. No substitutes for her.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sunday Afternoon at Grandma and Grandpa's

A beautiful day with beautiful little girls. Ava's showing a couple of her teeth. She has five total with three more just about to break through.

Sponge Rollers

I thought I'd try curling the girl's hair with sponge rollers. They thought they were fun to put in. I thought they looked so cute with them in. I forgot to take a picture of the curls. Oops. Maybe next time.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Our New Park

A couple of weeks ago we got the best kind of "park", the free kind. Unfortunately we had to loose our favorite neighbors to get it. Blaine and I took down a section of our neighbors fence and ours, took off all the swings, slides, and ladders, and rolled the fort end over end from their yard to ours. We created quite a stir for the other curious neighbors. But we had the whole thing moved and put back together again (with everything tightened and fixed up) in four hours. We have had hours and hours of enjoyment already. Now our backward is a kid haven with a kiddy pool, picnic table, sand box, and the "park". So I say, "go play outside."

New "Aprils" and My 1st Shiner

We decorated aprons with the girls hand and thumbprints on May 22nd. Ashlyn calls it her "april". They were running around all excited after we finished and had a "head-on-collision" coming from opposite directions around the corner of the couch at full speed. All I heard was screaming and then I saw the accident. Two girls laying out on the floor. I told both of them to get on the couch and I would bring ice and cold rags. By the time I got the ice and rags Ashlyn already had a "mouse" under her eye. Look close at the above picture and you'll see it. Today, on June 7th, it still has a little bruise and knott in it. Ouch! When you asked Ashlyn what happened, she said, "I had a hed on bollision."

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our Party Day at Gymnastics

Ashlyn and Alyssa aren't afraid to try much of anything. But they are shy around new people. Ashlyn was doing back flips and wanted to go all the way to the ceiling. This was their first time to try the harness/pulley thing.
Alyssa didn't do flips because we didn't tell her how. She wanted another turn so she could do flips too, but there wasn't time.

Ashlyn and Alyssa took gymnastics for the first time this spring from Amarillo College. They both loved it. Ashlyn looks like a little gymnist but I think Alyssa's a little more coordinated right now. Alyssa wouldn't go in the first day of class. She said, "Maybe next week." She went in the next week to comfort Ashlyn because she was crying. After that both of them did great.