Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We Love Family Portaits

I had to put in these pictures of Ashlyn and Alyssa when they were two. Alyssa kept crying whenever we started trying to take her picture. They've grown up so much since then.

What a sweet little girl
Alyssa was being a pill, but what a cute pill she is.

Ava Climbing Again

My One year old

I thought our family picture turned out pretty good considering we were all coming down with cold and ... well, we're just not very photogenic.

Carving Pumpkins

Ashlyn and Alyssa helped carve pumpkins this year. I was impressed with how well they did getting the seeds out. Then they helped decide what kind of faces they wanted me to carve. I used washable markers to draw on the faces. It worked really good because the lines wiped right off after I finished.

The Wicked Witch, The Good Witch and The Ladybug

Ashlyn and Alyssa with Adelie and Coralynn their cousins

Ava doing her thing.

Isn't she a cute ladybug. So soft and squishy.

The Good Witch

Ashlyn was so excited about Halloween. She told everyone she talked to that she was going to be the wicked witch and Alyssa was the beautiful good witch (sometimes princess) and Ava was a ladybug. We had a wonderful time trick-or-treating with their cousins and going to the trunk or treat at church. Ashlyn and Alyssa both were scared to death of "crandpa" who was dressed up as a scary skeleton monster. He stood out in the front yard scaring "parents". The only thing Ava was scared of was a man dressed as Winnie-the-Pooh.

My Climber

I love to climb our front steps over and over again.

My newest toy box.

Ava's thoughts: I climb anything and anywhere. I search for new places to climb. When I spy a new climb, I crawl as fast as I can to get there. I'm always looking for higher more dangerous places to climb up on. Then I sit back (even if there isn't enough room to sit) and enjoy the view. Yes, I sat on the riding toy with my feet on the seat. Mom would have taken a picture, but she was keeping me from falling.

Our Ballet Moves

Ashlyn practicing her very serious ballet pose.

Ashlyn wanted to dance to her princess music while wearing a princess dress plus a tutu plus her new wings. She also wanted Ava dressed up to dance with her. Alyssa was spending the night at Grandmas, so Ava had to take her place. Ava didn't mind after we got rid of the wings.