Monday, March 15, 2010

I Can't Believe They're Four

My not so little girls turned four. We went to the doctor for their check up the day after their birthday. I tried to prepare them all morning for the fact they were going to get shots at the doctor. I told them they could cry but they couldn't throw fits, and we would go to Target afterwards to get a small toy. They did so good. Ashlyn didn't even cry. Alyssa tried not to, but by the third one her face was bright red and the sobs escaped, but she didn't throw a fit. I was so proud of them. Ashlyn weighed 36.2 pounds (50%) and was 41 1/2 inches tall (90%). Alyssa weighed 36 pounds which surprised me because she feels a lot lighter then Ashlyn, and she was 42 1/4 inches tall (97%). Alyssa is now officially tall enough to ride the bumper cars at Wonderland Park.


  1. Happy Birthday Girls! I can't beleive it either. Way to take the shots as well. I always worry about that stuff, probablly more than they do.

  2. They were babies when we met you! I can't believe it! Hope the birthday was great! The cake looks really yummy! Hopefully Ashlyn will grow another 1/2 inch before Wonderland opens!
    Miss you guys!