Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Ashlyn and Alyssa both wanted to Barbie Island Princesses which made it easy for me. Ava didn't want to dress up at all until we told her she couldn't trick-or-treat. She ended up being a "doctor" with stitches. She had stitches because she drew on herself with my eyeliner right before we left. Saturday was a perfect night for the trunk-or-treat at church we didn't even need jackets.
Sunday we had the Primary program at church. Ashlyn and Alyssa both did great. Ashlyn had her part and Alyssa's memorized. And Alyssa just needed a little prompting. I don't know why it's so heart warming to hear little children talk and sing, but it is. My parents, Mema, and Great Grandma came with us to church today to see them in their first primary program. Blaine's parents were there, too, but they're in our ward every Sunday. They get to help me every week with the girls. This Sunday they got to sit back and enjoy.

Sunday evening we met up with Coralynn and Adelie (our cousins). We treat-or-tricked at their neighbors. The first person we saw at the trunk-or-treat Saturday was our neighbor, Darla. Ava loves Darla, but not when she's dressed up like a witch with full makeup on. Ava screamed when she saw her and shook all over. Then Sunday at the first house (on of two) she treat-or-treated at, a man opened the door with a mask and cape on. She screamed again. The man took off the mask as fast as he could. She decided it was worth going up to get the treat after that. Her doctor bag got full.

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