Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Big Toys

So now we're the proud owners of a four-wheeler, a Honda 400 something. We've had 3 beautiful weekends in a row, so we gotten to play with our new toy. Blaine bought it 3 weeks ago and we took it to the Canadian river on Saturday the day after we bought it. Oops! We weren't really prepared and Blaine got pulled over by the game warden for not having a off-roading sticker, riding without a helmet, and riding with a passenger on a single four wheeler. He was is luck though because he went to school with the guy and he let him leave with a warning. So we bought a helmet and a sticker and have checked out the rules and haven't had anymore run ins with the law. We had a great time down at Lake McClellan last Friday. We even saw a porcupine high up in a tree when we were leaving.

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