Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our Party Day at Gymnastics

Ashlyn and Alyssa aren't afraid to try much of anything. But they are shy around new people. Ashlyn was doing back flips and wanted to go all the way to the ceiling. This was their first time to try the harness/pulley thing.
Alyssa didn't do flips because we didn't tell her how. She wanted another turn so she could do flips too, but there wasn't time.

Ashlyn and Alyssa took gymnastics for the first time this spring from Amarillo College. They both loved it. Ashlyn looks like a little gymnist but I think Alyssa's a little more coordinated right now. Alyssa wouldn't go in the first day of class. She said, "Maybe next week." She went in the next week to comfort Ashlyn because she was crying. After that both of them did great.

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