Sunday, June 7, 2009

New "Aprils" and My 1st Shiner

We decorated aprons with the girls hand and thumbprints on May 22nd. Ashlyn calls it her "april". They were running around all excited after we finished and had a "head-on-collision" coming from opposite directions around the corner of the couch at full speed. All I heard was screaming and then I saw the accident. Two girls laying out on the floor. I told both of them to get on the couch and I would bring ice and cold rags. By the time I got the ice and rags Ashlyn already had a "mouse" under her eye. Look close at the above picture and you'll see it. Today, on June 7th, it still has a little bruise and knott in it. Ouch! When you asked Ashlyn what happened, she said, "I had a hed on bollision."


  1. What I good idea! The aprons I mean. I love them. Looks like fun. Where did you get the plain white aprons?

    Gymnastics looks way fun as well. i miss those days.

  2. Hi Robin. I got the aprons at Hobby Lobby for $2.99. They were a lot of fun.