Sunday, September 27, 2009

11 Months, Time Sure Flies By

Ava holds her own with the big girls.

We broke down and got Ashlyn and Alyssa a set of Polly Pockets. Of course, Ava had to play with them too, but she only gets to play with the "big" pieces. She crawled around for an hour with a Polly Pocket pet cat's head in her mouth. She throws loud but short fits when she doesn't get what she wants like when we tried to take the cat.

How Ava helps load the dishwasher: she adds a little liquid to the soap dispenser.

Ava just figured out she could pull herself up in her bed.

Looks like Ava's in a precarious situation. She's already slammed or mashed her fingers in several drawers and cabinets. She was a very girly, pitiful pain cry. Plus she looks at the closest person like they hurt her. So sad!

Ava figured out how to use this chair as a walker to get all over the kitchen, today. She has a pretty long attention span for an 11 month old. She worked at "walking" around the kitchen and getting her toys for about 30 minutes.


  1. I CANNOT believe little Ava is already 11 months! She is so darling - just like her big sisters! We miss you guys too! Thank goodness for blogs!

  2. Oh she is just so cute! I love her smile. She smart to use the chair and she moves so good with it. Go Ava Go!

  3. Miss you guys! Can't believe Ava is getting ready to walk! Can't be true! Hope to see you soon...