Sunday, September 13, 2009

Perfect Weather

Our new use for the swimming pool, a roof for our fort.

Great Mema with Ava Ria out enjoying the 68 degree weather. That's what I call perfect.

Ava likes both hands full all the time. She carried this baby doll around all evening.

The "Grill Master"

Grandmama, Granddaddy, and Mema came over Saturday night. We grilled out 7-up chicken with vegetables and the kids played outside. We loving having our family so close to us. We're truly blessed.


  1. You really are blessed. We wish we could live by all of our family. Looks like fun. Maybe you'll have to let me know how to make 7-up chicken.

  2. Wish we had nice weather - it's still hotter than heck here! Cute pics!