Monday, October 19, 2009

It's a Party

Ava laughing at Ashlyn and Alyssa playing volleyball with the balloons.

Lyssa thought Ava really blew out her candle. The look on her face was hilarious.

Ava giving kisses to her new doll.

Ava was done unwrapping presents after she got her little purple doll. Ashlyn and Alyssa finished up for her. She got two dolls, two cool books, and lots of beautiful clothes. Thanks everyone!!!

Ava helped decorate with the crape paper. We had Ava's party on Saturday with just family invited. We missed all their cousins who couldn't come because they were sick or had prior commitments. Ava really enjoyed herself though. She loved her presents and making a mess of her cake. She showed off for everyone. She knew something special was going on.
I took Ava to the doctor on Monday morning. She weighed 22.2 pounds and was 29 1/2 inches tall. She was in the 75% for height, weight, and head. Not as big as we thought.

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  1. Happy Birthday Ava!! Too fun!!! Love your blog, M!