Sunday, October 11, 2009

Canadian, TX

We ate at the Fillin' Station after hiking at Lake Marvin. It is an old Filling Station converted to a restaurant with a pud in the back. We sat at a table made from the old car lift. The glass top is just mounted to the lift.

Enjoying an ice cream at the old fashioned soda fountain.

Blaine and Ava checking out some of the wonderful antiques in the store connected to the soda fountain. I love the restored tin ceiling tiles.

I love taking the hour drive from Pampa north east to Canadian. Canadian is a beautiful little Panhandle town. It's off the caprock, so there are more trees. It's about the best place in the Panhandle to enjoy some fall foliage. That's what we planned on doing so come rain or shine we went. It ended up being cloudy and misting with a high of 34 degrees, but that didn't stop us. We first stopped at the soda fountain to warm up with some ice cream. Ava has her spoon ready to help daddy dig in to his brownie bottom sundae. Then we looked around at the antiques next door. Then it was time to go out to Lake Marvin to enjoy the fall foliage. We saw lots of turkeys and deer along the road out to the lake. When we got there, we all put on at least 2 jackets and coats. Then we were off. We hiked to the pond to throw rocks and to the 100 foot tall cottonwood tree. Total, we were outside about an hour and a half. It felt great to get back in the car. The car said the temperature was 32 degrees but that doesn't count the wind chill and mist. Brr! We headed back to town to eat dinner at the Fillin' Station. They have good home cooked food. I had chicken noodle soup with homemade egg noodles. Perfect after a cold hike. We didn't go this time, but the Cattle Exchange is a really good steakhouse there. It's pretty pricey though. So that was our adventure in Canadian, TX.

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