Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Funny Girls

Alyssa and Ashlyn dressed up and pretended to go trick or treating. I love Ashlyn's smile.

Ava started walking the Monday after Thanksgiving. We went to the Discovery Center a couple of weeks later, and it was like a totally new experience for her. She could hardly breathe she was so excited to "run" around for the first time by herself. I couldn't stop smiling. She was such a joy to watch.

Ashlyn and Alyssa play dress-up most of the day, everyday. This is Alyssa doing her favorite dance move.

Ava acted so funny with these two teddy bear Christmas ornaments. She would get down on the floor, growl at them, and scoot backwards over and over again. I can't figure out why, but it sure was funny.

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  1. There so cute and getting so big. We loved Alyssa's twirls!