Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Wonderful Christmas Day

Building with Ashlyn's new blocks

Santa brought a furnished dollhouse complete with twin baby's. Ava loves playing with it too.

Yes. It was a white Christmas. And yes, that is Alyssa and Ashlyn in their new dress up shoes with skirts on out in the snow. They didn't stay out long.

Ava's helping Grammy with her presents.

Take a look at Grandma's new braces. I think they make her look young!

Do you think Beau likes basketball? And maybe the Lakers?

Berne's family got Ava a dog for Christmas. I think it's the perfect breed, stuffed.

Here's Ashlyn and Alyssa opening their new Polly Pocket's and pajamas.

Ava with all her new goods in her grocery cart.

Working together. Ashlyn supervised the whole unwrapping of presents.

Children make Christmas so much more fun!

That's my munchkin.

This is serious business for Alyssa.

Ava is trying to say, "Hey, back off, I can do it myself." But Ashlyn and Alyssa didn't understand.

Ava's sleepy face.

Opening stockings was always my favorite thing to do on Christmas.

Ava with one of her new puppies.

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  1. Christmas is so much more fun with children! We got the exact same blocks and train at our house too! Merry Christmas!