Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Visiting Friends and Family

We met my new sister-in-law and her daughters for the first time Tuesday evening. Ashlyn and Alyssa took up with Kensey right away. They were all dressed up and holding hands within 5 minutes of meeting each other. We also got to meet my nephew, Jace, for the first time; even though he's a year old. Ava and he played close to each other, but I wouldn't say with each other. I guess children at that age don't really play together yet.

Peeking in the back door of the temple.

Ashlyn, Alyssa, Kash, Ruby, and Ava feeling the water of the fountain.

We spent the night visiting and playing with our good friends who moved last August from Amarillo. It was great catching up with them. We went to the park and visited the temple grounds of the Quirrah Mountain Temple while Blaine and Brain went to play some golf.

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  1. We LOVED seeing you guys! Glad you made it back safely and so happy you were able to fit us in your trip.