Friday, May 14, 2010

Wedding Day!

The girls loved swimming at the hotel. We tried to teach them to jump in and go under and keep their mouths closed. Alyssa not very good at keeping hers shut. They got better each time we swam. Before this vacation, they've never really enjoyed swimming.
Queen Ava hasn't grown into her crown quite yet.

Blaine and my brothers, except for the one getting married. I didn't get any pictures of Micah, but I didn't want to mess up all the wedding photos. But he did marry a beautiful women with two beautiful daughters. I felt so happy for him and her. I know he'll be a great dad.

Grandma Brooks, Robin, Helen, Mom, and I at the wedding. We missed Holly. She wasn't able to come at the last minute.

These are Granddaddy's girls.
Blaine's cousin Candie watched our girls while we where at the wedding. I knew I didn't need to worry about them having fun at her house. They made cookies, crowns, and wands and watched Enchanted. They played until they where exhausted, but loved every minute of it.

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